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what is pilates?

Pilates is a unique exercise system, developed by Joseph Pilates - Controlology. This is a kinder, gentler exercise for the whole body, with all the benefits of strength training regardless of age, fitness level, lifestyle or goals. Pilates strengthens from the core of the body, outward and deepens the mind-body connection. 

Pilates is for absolutely EVERYONE! In Pilates, participants develop strength, mobility, stability, understanding of resistance and focus,  guiding the body to the most efficient movement with ease and control. Pilates is fast emerging as an effective tool of the Health and Wellness industry in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

benefits of pilates

Core strength and stability
Improved balance and coordination
Injury prevention and rehabilitation
Relief of back pain, joint pain and stress
Improved cognitive ability and mental clarity
Heightened body awareness and mind body connection
Improved posture
Increased flexibility and muscle tone
Improved mood and productivity

How we FEEL in our body is 1000% more important than how our bodies look on the outside. In Pilates, we are focusing inwards and developing first the CORE, and then the whole of the body - we are building from the inside out.

Meet your instructor - Cat

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